Android Binder Driver

This project is an effort to rewrite Android's Binder kernel driver in Rust.

The latest version of the Rust implementation can be found in the RFC that was submitted to the Linux Kernel mailing list on November 1st: Setting up Binder for the future.


Binder is one of the most security and performance critical components of Android. Android isolates apps from each other and the system by assigning each app a unique user ID (UID). This is called "application sandboxing", and is a fundamental tenet of the Android Platform Security Model.

The majority of inter-process communication (IPC) on Android goes through Binder. Thus, memory unsafety vulnerabilities are especially critical when they happen in the Binder driver.


The Rust driver was originally authored by Wedson Almeida Filho, and is now maintained by Alice Ryhl. The ongoing work will be part of the Android Open Source Project.