Nova GPU Driver

Nova is a driver for GSP-based Nvidia GPUs that is currently under development and is being written in Rust.

Currently, the objective is to upstream Rust abstractions for the relevant subsystems a prerequisite for the actual driver. Hence, the first mainline version of Nova will be a stub driver which helps establishing the necessary infrastructure in other subsystems (notably PCI and DRM).


To contact the team and / or participate in development, please use the mailing list:


In the source tree, the driver lives in drivers/gpu/drm/nova.


Currently, Nova is just a stub driver intended to lift the bindings necessary for a real GPU driver into the (mainline) kernel.

Currently, those efforts are mostly focused on getting bindings for PCI, DRM and the Device (driver) model upstream.

It can be expected that, as the driver continues to grow, various other abstractions will be needed.

Utilized Common Rust Infrastructure

Nova depends on the Rust for Linux staging/* branches.


As with every real open source program, help and participation is highly welcome!

As the driver is very young, however, it is currently difficult to assign tasks to people. Many things still have to settle until a steadily paced workflow produces atomic work topics a new one can work on.

If you really want to jump in immediately regardless, here are a few things you can consider:

  • Most work to do right now is with more bindings for Rust. Notably, this includes the device driver model, DRM and PCI. If you have expertise there, have a look at the existing code in the topic branches and see if there's something you can add or improve.
  • Feel free to go over Nova's code base and make suggestions or send patches, for example for improved comments, grammar fixes, improving code readability etc.

Happy hacking!